Video Services

“InfoMOTION” Videos

Video infographics presents facts and stats in an elegant manner, bringing the traditional infographic to the video format. These are a great choice for websites and social media alike.

Glassboard Animation Videos

Celestial Content Services now offers glassboard videos. These are a fun way to share information and are similar to whiteboard animations and explainer videos.

This type of video is ideal for social media, too, as they can quickly present factoids, customer reviews, special offers, and other messages in an engaging manner. Facebook will even loop your video over and over if it’s less than 30 seconds long.

Animated Explainer Videos

Tell your story with an animated explainer video. These videos open the door to a world of possibilities and are highly engaging. Vyond software makes it possible while Pamela’s background in scriptwriting, video production, and marketing help to ensure that your message comes shining through.get a 2d video

Whiteboard Animation Videos

The example below demonstrates the same concept, but as a “whiteboard video.” You’ll notice the hand is drawing on a whiteboard rather than glass. Everything else is largely the same. For example, you can include characters, props, text, audio, music, and more.

This page is a works in progress. We offer a variety of video editing and animation services and are happy to learn more about your project. More information will be posted soon. In the meantime, contact us┬áif you’re interested in our video services.

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