Video Content Creation

Video Infographic Review I recently worked on a 6-minute video infographic for a tech company. Not only was it both fun and challenging, they loved it!

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Writing – An Informal Education

British author, Rebecca West, was once quoted as saying, “I write books to find out about things.” How true that is! Having been asked to write on subjects as varied as science, technology, healthcare, skincare, entrepreneurship, finance, construction, motivation,...

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Write What You Know: What if You Don’t Know Anything?

Stumbled across this video today. When you think about it on an emotional level, you know a lot! What about non-fiction writing? Writing what you know is crucial, but as I’ve been known to say, “You don’t have to be a scientist to interview a scientist.”What do...

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Creating a Content Style Guide

Why Create a Content Style Guide? The more content your business generates, the more important a content style guide becomes. This is especially true if several writers are involved including coworkers and freelance writers. For example, while you may prefer to...

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Business Networking Tip from

Good advice for business networking from the folks at 2. Be clean and connect. A recent study published by Harvard Business Review analyzed workers in North America and Europe, asking them: Would you rather work with a lovable fool or a competent...

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Do They Trust Your Web Content?

  Millennials trust user-generated content more than they do professionally-written web content I just read an interesting article about millennials and trust on the GetSpokal blog. According to the blog post: Millennials read your content in full-awareness that...

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